“Your Dream” is our reality. “Your Vision” is our Mission”

Jenni Rivera Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization that will work in the US and internationally to help women and their children who have suffered from domestic violence and abuse. Our mission is to help single women to get back on their feet, to overcome their battles with poverty and abuse, and to improve the quality of life for themselves and their children.

Our goal is to ensure that women and their children will have access to safe shelter with supportive services including housing, job training, and counseling; to achieve stability, good health, and employment. The foundation was established by Delores Janney Rivera, who as a teenager growing up in Long Beach, California, struggled to feed her children, suffered from violent abuse, and lived in a garage with her children. These early and painful experiences marked Jenni and her five children for life.

Later becoming an international singer, songwriter, author, actress, and television producer, Jenni Rivera never forgot her early life and made a promise to God to help women in their time of need. To honor the blessings that she had been given; to give back to the community; and to help single mothers to keep their spirit despite their abuse; she established Jenni Rivera Love Foundation. “Giving back is what really makes me happy” was a phrase that Jenni repeated often. With her tragic passing on December 9, 2012, her family and fans lost a great woman, daughter, mother, and sister. Jenni Rivera Love Foundation continues with her work to keep her memory alive and keep her promise.

Jenni Rivera Love Foundation is lead by the Rivera family with Jacqie, her daughter, as Executive Director. The Jenni Rivera Love Foundation continues work to educate the community on the many needs of single mothers through testimonies and lectures through churches, major events, television, radio, and social media. Jenni will always be remembered as strong, smart, funny, and brave. But most important, she will be remembered by her promise to help others, her big heart, and her favorite saying: “it is better to give than receive”.

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