Board Directors

The Board of Directors of is committed to take care of the foundation through: careful use of all assets of the foundation including facilities, people, and good will; to make decisions in the best interests of the foundation and those it serves; and to act in compliance with the law and ethical practice to advance the foundation’s mission and goals.


Jacqie Rivera Campos
(Executive Director)

Responsible for fulfilling the overall mission, objectives and management to ensure that the foundation is operating at a high level and benefit to the community.

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Juan Rivera

The Vice President works with the board of directors to plan, develop, and implement policies for the organization to maintain its values and to meet established goals.

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Rosie Rivera Flores

Treasurer has primary responsibility to oversee the management and reporting of the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation finances including financial policies of the foundation, asset management, budgets, and reporting to all stakeholders.

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Jenika Lopez Rivera

Secretary has the responsibility to foster open and effective communications among members of the board of directors through proper management of foundation records, minutes of all official meetings, and recorded changes to the foundation by-laws.

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