Jenni Rivera Inspirational Center

The legacy of reflection, the care or our children
and the care of ourselves.


Fundraiser and Tribute Concert

Jenni Rivera


Jenni’s Refuge

Providing hope and shelter for
victims of domestic abuse.



In development to bring unity and serenity to the community.



We go beyond helping victims with our community outreach program

is an international nonprofit organization whose goal is to help single mothers who have suffered from disease, poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse, to rise again.

commits to take care of the foundation through:

Careful use of all assets of the foundation including facility, people, and good will; to make decisions in the best
interests of the foundation and those it serves; and to act in compliance with the law and
ethical practice to advance the foundation’s mission and goals.

Why We Care

85% of domestic violence
Victims are women.

36% of women between the age of 18 to 24
of age experience domestic violence
for the first time

4 out of every 10
Latinas are abused

70% of gay couples will experience
some form of domestic violence

These individuals are the victims of rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

The Cycle of Abuse

is intergenerational. It not only repeats itself in an abusive relationship, it also repeats itself by emerging later in the relationships of people who experienced and witnessed violence in the home as they grew up.

Tension Building

Minor incidents of physical/emotional abuse. Victim feels growing tension. Victim tries to control situation to avoid violence. “Walking on eggshells.” Victim cannot control abuser. Longest phase.

HoneyMoon Phase

Abuser sorry and apologetic. Abuser makes promises. “Hearts and flowers.” Idealized and romantic. These phase often disappears with time.

Minimizing the abuse
or acting as if it did not happen
Denial Keeps the cycle going.
Perpetrators, victims, and
society at large minimize
violence in relationships.
Explosion Phase

The actual abuse: Physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, financial, etc.

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Jenni Rivera Fundraiser
and Tribute Concert

Jenni Rivera
Memorial Park



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